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Our organization advocates for thoughtful planning to create a sustainable economy for Taos County, with agriculture, acequias, jobs, affordable housing, educational opportunities and keeping of our cultural values and traditions.

Taos Airport Expansion Media

Subdizing Wealth at Taos Ski Valley
Kay Matthews La Jicarita, June 17, 2015

Will the Jets Come Flying Now tha Louis bacon Owns Taos Ski Valley
Kay Matthews La Jicarita, June 12, 2015

Taos Airport, Its not a Done Deal
Kay Matthews La Jicarita, Mar 3,2015

Taos Airport Hearing Raises $10 Million Question
J.R. Logan Taos News, Jun 10, 2015

Taos Regional Airport hearing June 9
J.R. Logan Taos News, Jun 8, 2015

Decision on Taos Regional Airport Permit Appealled
J.R. Logan Taos News, May 8, 2015

Shorter Runway during Work Could Hinder Flights at Taos Airport
J.R. Logan Taos News, Mar 21, 2015

Taos County P & Z Upholds approval of Airport Permit
J.R. Logan Taos News, Mar 12, 2015

County P & Z Punts Decision on Airport
J.R. Logan Taos News, Mar 5, 2015

Taos News ad

KRQE TV video story on Airport Expansion
KRQE TV Bob Martin Feb 22, 2015

OpEd: Airport or Agriculture for Taos Seth Brown Article January 2015 Green Fire Times

Gaithersburg grew and swallowed its semi-rural airpark
Washington Post Dec 14, 2014

Permit for Taos airport project moves forward Taos News Dec 4 2014

Decision in Taos airport suit not expected until 2015 Taos News Nov 20

Selling the Mystique Skiing Magazine Oct 31 14

Taos airport project stalled, accusations fly Taos News Taos News Oct 30 14

Town ready to roll on airport, awaiting county’s OK Taos News Oct 10 14

The Tao of Taos: Can Louis Bacon Make New Mexico's Soulful Ski Valley a Downhill Mecca? Forbes Magazine Nov 3

Town: No Negative Impact from Runway – Taos News, September 18, 2014

Airport Project Reveals Deficits in County Zoning – Taos News, September 18, 2014

Taos Town Council Votes to Move Airport Expansion Forward – Taos News, September, 10, 2014

Airport Opponents Claim Project Lacks Approval from County – August 28, 2014

Airport Expansion Forum (video) – August 25, 2014

Who will NOT Benefit from the Airport Expansion? – Taos News, May 24, 2014

Taos Pueblo, Town, OK Airport Deal – Taos News, January 5, 2012

Typical larger 50 passenger regional jets that could land on proposed runway. Even larger planes could land in winter when the air is more dense, or if they have multiple wheels to distribute their weight
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