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Our organization advocates for thoughtful planning to create a sustainable economy for Taos County, with agriculture, acequias, jobs, affordable housing, educational opportunities and keeping of our cultural values and traditions.

Our organization believes that we can create an sustainable enviroment for the people living in Taos by using the principals established by Native peoples, Spanish planning law and current understanding of the environment and economics.

We support zoning for the whole of Taos County, not just neighborhood by neighborhood. The needs of all of Taos County must be considered. We oppose the sprawl on commercial development along all the highways, favoring clustered busisnesses, with safer highway access and the possibilty of public transportation.

Zoning must protect agricultultural lands and acequias. Water rights should stay with the land and not be sold off for more development. Tourism is important, but is seasonal and undependable. Our ecomomy must be based goods and services that circulate over and over within Taos County, not on always on bringing money from outside Taos.

Questa Cienga 1940s FSA/OWI

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